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Sunday, February 24, 2008

We really wish to thank our friends for their open hearted help in our humble start. Let us brief everyone about the project.

We are planning to buy 1 patal (sal leave plates) 12 inch molding machine and 2 stitching machines to support the moulding machine. Both machines are developed by Premier magneto, Prem bazzar (a Mech dept, kgp alumnus) in collaboration with rural development center, IIT Kharagpur. Typical production rate is around 400 plates per hour. Saal leaves are found in abundant in kgp. Molding machine will cost us around Rs 10500 only and stitching machine Rs. 2850 each.

Our groundwork tells us that there is huge demand for such plates and raw material can be procured at our door step only. Our Jagruti group currently consist of 20 odd women. With this machines installed they each can earn minimum of Rs. 500 per month while working just 6 hours. From there they can inc. their income depending on how much they work.

We will post formal project details soon and progress. Keep in touch via this blog. :)

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