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Saturday, March 29, 2008

So, as per the plan we had a seminar cum faculty-student interaction session on 25th of March in S N Bose Auditorium. Thanks to all my team mates who did a wonderful job in promoting and organizing the event. The wonderful logo and poster was designed by Reshmi (have a look below on the previous article to get a glimpse of that poster). Jyoti, Vertika, Kanika, Indira,Ujjwal and Vikram did an excellent job by publicising the event among the faculty members and students. Hats off to Ujjwal who conceptualised such a marvellous video and that too within an hour. In spite of this commendable effort by each one of us we could not attract more than 50 people to the session. We also had a few faculty members in the audience whose presence encouraged us a lot.

The event started with a welcome note by Reshmi followed by a presentation by myself. We had a spell-bound audience when the video was being played just after the presentation. It touched the heart of everyone present in the audience. We then invited one member of each of the other such initiatives to brief the audience about the projects they had undertaken. Manish from SAMBHAV, Kunal from Gopali Youth Welfare Society (GYWS) and Narsimha from KADAM IIT Kharagpur presented their projects before the audience. The dias was then handed over to Ms. Yuveka Singh who is working with Praajak, a Kolkata based NGO, to introduce Praajak to the audience and brief them about the association of her organization with IIT Kharagpur.

After this we had an interaction session between faculty members and students. The agenda of the discussion was to formulate a mechanism to integrate all such social initiatives being carried out by students of IIT Kharagpur under one umbrella to have a greater impact. It was where a dream of having "Technology Social Initiative" within our campus got a ground of reality. I am grateful to all the faculty members, and Prof Goutam Saha (EECE) in particular, who blessed us with their invaluable guidance. Our student friends who took the pain of coming to the session came up with wonderful suggestions and feedback. Thanks to them as well.

Despite the fact that we had a poor turn out, we were quite satisfied after the session was over as we achieved what we intended to. We wanted to introduce these initiatives to each other so that if not now but in future they would join hands and make a noticeable impact. Apart from this we got some 20 names (including faculty members) who were willing to contribute in all forms to various of our projects. Now is it not a true JAGRUTI?

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