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Friday, March 7, 2008

Still excited and tired of my journey to 'Balrampur' (Barabhum railway station) to visit and see operations of self help group of PRADAN. Visit was most satisfying and encouraging opposite to what I expected. I was exposed to one of the most professional systems at grass root level and more importantly I witnessed effect of ideas on human life. Only then I could appreciate the value of money and water.

So many a times we were asked and told that enter this sector of development (I like this word rather then calling it social service), later in your life when you are successful and rich (may be). Sounds logical but then wouldn't I miss all of their hardwork and trust? Where will I get the satisfaction of helping thousands of family to get 12 months of food supply? Where else will I notice their faces beaming with confidence? How will I realize the hardships and value of human life?

Ok fine cut the lecture, let's focus on what we learned. Basic thing is that many of misconceptions were broken.
1) Social service sector rather development sector does have professional career path and learning curve.
2) To solve some problem you need to understand it first thus we need people on grass root who are educated and trained.
3) This sector is not about leaving everything behind but just like any other job you need to make certain compromises.
4) Surely this is one of the most satisfying job.
5) Technology and innovation are key to tackle poverty.
6) Human spirit is immense.
7) Education doesn't make you intelligent just provide you with information.
8) Rural India is beautiful :D

To be continued...

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