The coming back.. and a new start

Monday, September 15, 2008

July came, and we returned to IIT Kharagpur from our long break. A meeting with Sharmaji told us that things were really not good, and that work had completely stopped. The raw material that was there was rotting. It seemed by his talks, that it will really be difficult to get them together and working again.

We all decided to get down to task and get things restarted. It was me, hakay, bania, pandey, pari and kanika who went down to the village. We went from one house to the other. Spoke to each one of them individually, and heard from them personally how they no longer wanted to work together with each other. There were issues reagarding work slotsWe learnt that they had shifted the equipment / machines from their home to a rented room near by.

Moreover, the cooperative that was there, and the money that they used to deposit each week had been stopped. The prime reason was that they felt that there money was just lying there, and might get squandered off. Also, once even a small amount got collected, they wanted it back as they now considered it an asset.

We were in no mood to let the thing fall apart. There were a few who still wanted to work and get thigns along in the village. We decided to work just with them for the time and worked on two path ways. One, immideate steps to be taken so that things get started. The sal leaf plate had to restart. Second, the sal leaf was a venture that would have been successful only if there was volume and that seemed difficult now with lesser man power - we needed something new.

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