Signs of concern

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The month of April was a big concern for us. May, June and July would be crucial months and very few of us would be here. We had to some way ensure that the work continued, even in our absence. We had to ensure that there motivation level doesn't fall.
Villages around IIT Kharagpur had a notion that these students come, and then they go for a 3 month vacation and never come back. We were not going to do that. Sharmaji, one of our foremost advisers, took on the responsibility during these three months. He ensured that he went to Ravindra Palli from time to time, and see that the work continues.

As May, June progressed, we became aware of how tough it was to keep these people knit together. We had over time, with our constant talks, ensured that they remained together. However, in our absence, the social differences became evidently visible. They had more or less stopped working. There were ego clashes. Initially, they gave odd reasons, of timings, blamed one another and complained of the machinery / equipment, lack of training; but on availability of these as well, the situation remained the same. Sharmaji took someone to train them more, so that work gets started as soon as possible. However, things made little progress.

We saw things that we term as practical problems on the field. We got a feeling as if their personal differences were so high, that they were ready to give up financial upliftment and live in the same conditions as now, but not get together. We realized as to how long these people had been living in such conditions that now they are accustomed to it, its there normal way of life.

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